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What are Possessive Adjectives? Grammar Review

Possessive adjectives modify nouns to show possession. In other words: “Who does something belong to? The possessive adjectives are “my, your, his, her, its, our and their”. Use my, your, his, her and its for one of something. Use our and their for more than one of something. Study this subject as well as “possessive pronouns” to help you understand and speak great English.

Possessive Adjective Examples:

Is this your shirt on the floor? Yes, it is my shirt! or No, it is not!

Is my coat in the closet? Yes, your coat is in the closet!

Is his car parked near the park? Yes, it is or No, it is not!

Where are her reading glasses? They are on the table!

Can the frog change its color? Yes, it can or No, it cannot!

When is our party going to start? It is going to start at 7.

Who is working on their project? Bob is working on their project!

Grammar Notes:

While there are other ways to refer to nouns, possessive adjectives are just one. Once you have learned possessive adjectives, now it’s time to focus on your pronouns.

There are several types of pronouns including “personal pronouns”, “possessive pronouns”, “reflexive pronouns” and “object pronouns”.

Look for other grammar resources to fully understand the subject of adjectives and pronouns.

Visit What are Possessive Adjectives? Grammar Review PDF Version

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