Checking In Passengers

These is typical language to use when you are checking passengers in to a flight. Review these expressions and read the sample conversation. Then check your understanding with the quick quiz.

Note that the verb check in is a separable phrasal verb. So Mr Brown can check in. And you can check Mr Brown in, or you can check in Mr Brown. Using a pronoun (e.g. him), you can check him in. But you cannot check in him.

Phrases and Expressions

Check-in Assistant

  • Can I see your ticket, please?
  • Do you have your passport with you?
  • I'm afraid your passport has expired.
  • Do you have a second piece of identification?
  • I'll need to see your child's birth certificate.
  • How many bags are you checking?
  • Will you be bringing a carry-on bag?
  • I'm afraid that bag exceeds the size restrictions.
  • Did you pack your bags yourself?
  • Would you like an aisle or a window seat?
  • Would you like a wheelchair?
  • You'll board at Gate 7.
  • Please be at the gate thirty minutes before your scheduled flight.
  • Did you need any tags for your luggage?
  • Your flight is expected to take off on time.
  • Your flight has been delayed by one hour.
  • Flight 87B to Toronto has been canceled.
  • I'm afraid you're too late to check-in.
  • Your flight is overbooked. Would you be interested in giving up your seat?
  • Enjoy your flight.


  • I'm not sure which of these papers is my ticket.
  • Is it possible to get an aisle seat?
  • I requested a vegetarian meal. Can you check to confirm?
  • Can I take my child through security?
  • Is the flight on time?
  • Will they be serving a meal today?
  • Will they be showing an inflight movie?
  • Where can I get a luggage cart?
  • Can I use my laptop on board?

Sample Conversation

Check-in Assistant: Hello. Are you flying to St. Martin today?

Passenger: Yes, I have my ticket here.

Check-in: Great. I'll need to see your passport as well.

Passenger: I have an e-ticket. this the part you need?

Check-in: Actually I just need your name and I can find you on the computer.

Passenger: Oh okay. It's Bates. Frank Bates.

Check-in: Great. Here we are. Oh, you're travelling with an infant today.

Passenger: Yes, my daughter Mia. She's 14 months.

Check-in: Okay. I'll need to see your daughter's birth certificate to prove that she is under two years of age.

Passenger: Here you are. Say, would we be able to get an aisle seat? I may have to walk her around if she gets fussy.

Check-in: Sure. I'll put you near the washroom too.

Passenger: Thanks. Can I take my stroller to the gate?

Check-in: Yes, we'll check it in the oversized luggage after you board. Are you just checking these two bags today?

Passenger: Yes, I'll take my knapsack as my carry-on.

Check-in: Did you pack these bags yourself?

Passenger: Yes.

Check-in: Okay. Here is your boarding pass. Be at the gate one hour prior to boarding time. You will be able to preboard because you are traveling with an infant. Our flight crew will have some special instructions for take-off and landing.

Check your understanding

Test your understanding of the conversation above with this quick quiz.

1. What is the man's family name?

a) Mia b) Frank c) Bates

2. Instead of a ticket, what does the check-in assistant ask the man for?

his name
his computer
his child's passport
a) his name b) his computer c) his child's passport

3. Where does the passenger ask to sit?

near the exit
in a window seat
in an aisle seat
a) near the exit b) in a window seat c) in an aisle seat

Your score is:

Correct answers: