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What’s in The News? Electric Cars Charge While Traveling Down The Highway.

Speaking Practice. Making a Date.

English Grammar. Comparative Adjectives.

What’s in The News?

Electric Cars Charge While Traveling Down The Highway.

Volvo and other car manufacturers are getting closer to the day where all they make is Electric. Gas and diesel have been the traditional refueling method forever. It’s time for change. Ironically, Ford was the first major US car manufacturer to build and lease a fleet of electric vehicles over 20 years ago. Most of those cars ended up in the trash compacter. Ford kept it quiet for many years. Now, they are far behind the curve. Some types of innovation, you just can’t stop.

For now, electric has found it’s way into the mainstream as the next fuel. By 2024, some manufacturers will stop producing gas autos all together. After that, it’s anyones guess at what will be next. With new technology comes change and the need for further innovation to supply what’s needed, making everything work for the masses. While there might be a gas station just around the corner from your home, electric is a little more complicated than that…

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