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What is a Determiner? Grammar Review!

Determiners are words that appear before a noun. This is to help understand what the noun refers to. The main idea is to understand determiners and the role they play in English. Remember that a word is just a word until we give it a job. There are many determiners in English. “A, an, the” are all determiners. “This, that, these, those” are all determiners. Quantifiers “Few, all etc”. Possessives “My, your, it’s etc”. Cardinal numbers as well. Do not confuse determiners with adjectives. There are many more rules on this subject! Ask your teacher for a further explanation and worksheets to help you better understand determiners.

“Adjectives” have three primary functions: “They modify noun phrases or compliment the object or subject of a noun”. (To describe)

“Determiners” express “Proximity, relationship, quantity and definiteness”.

Determiner Examples

I just bought a new chair! (a is the determiner while “new” is an adjective)

He is an honest man! (an is the determiner while “honest” is an adjective)

Please sit down on the chair! (the is the determiner)

It is on this table! (this is the determiner)

Please put it on that table! (that is the determiner)

These shoes are mine! (these is the determiner)

Those glasses are hers! (those is the determiner)

Please take my umbrella, it’s raining! (my is the determiner)

Could I borrow your car? (your is the determiner)

I will ride his bike instead! (his is the determiner)

Her car isn’t working right now! (her is the determiner)

In English, all of the determiners used in the above examples come from different parts of grammar. Ask your teacher to explain determiners further!

Visit What is a Determiner? Grammar Review! PDF Version

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