Making a Date

Larisa English Club 16 Audio Version

Welcome to Larisa English Club #16 What’s in The News? Electric Cars Charge While Traveling Down The Highway. Speaking Practice. Making a Date. English Grammar. Comparative Adjectives. What’s in The News? Electric Cars Charge WhileRead More…

Airport Bus Conversation

Larisa English Club 15 Audio Version

Mom, dad along with grandma and grandpa are all part of past generations when life was just a little slower. All of the time? No! However, in today’s world of technology, thingsRead More…

Daily Needs

Larisa English Club 14 Audio Version

In the wake of President Trump’s decision to remove America from the Paris Climate agreement, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little negative about the future of the planet. With reports ofRead More…

Sentient Robots and The Future

Larisa English Club 12 Audio Version

Zombies and aliens may not be a realistic threat to our species. But there’s one stock movie villain we can’t be so sanguine about: sentient robots. If anything, their arrival is probablyRead More…

Ordering a meal at a restaurant

Larisa English Club 11 Audio Version

Here is an example of short dialog about ordering a meal in a restaurant. Pay special attention to the intonation. Remember that intonation reflects what someone is often thinking. Being polite withRead More…