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What are Correlative Conjunctions? Grammar Review

What are correlative conjunctions? They are words that work in pairs to join a word or a group of words of equal value in a sentence. Note that the words used for this purpose come from different parts of English. Below are some examples to study. Ask your teacher to help further explain this subject.

Correlative Conjunction Examples:

Notice that there are two conjunctions or word combinations in each sentence. The word combinations in each sentence are used together as the examples.

I will either do my job or leave the company!

She is not only pretty but also extremely smart!

Neither the swim team nor the baseball team is doing well!

Both the basketball team and football team are doing very well!

You must make a decision whether to stay or to go!

Just as many Canadians love hockey, so many Americans love football!

The more you practice spoken English, the better you will be at it!

Basketball is as fast as Volleyball!

Billiards is as much a sport as it is a pastime!

Here are examples of correlative conjunctions:

both…and, neither…nor, not only…but also, either…or, whether…or, just as…so, the…the, as…as, as much…as, no sooner…than, rather…than.

Visit What are Correlative Conjunctions? Grammar Review PDF Verson

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