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What are Subordinating Conjunctions? Grammar Review

What are subordinating conjunctions? They are words used to join independent clauses with dependent clauses and introduce adverb clauses. There are close to thirty commonly used subordinating conjunctions, but there are many more. Common subordinating conjunctions express “cause, concession and comparison, condition, place and time”. They also express the importance of an independent clause and a transition between two ideas. Below are just a few examples. Ask your teacher for a further explanation and examples.

Subordinating Conjunction Examples:

When the doorbell rang, the kids went to answer it!

After the river overflowed, everyone went to higher ground!

I don’t like spending time at the beach because I don’t like sand!

Until summer arrives, we have to be prepared for hot weather!

As soon as I hear the rooster crow, I get out of bed!

Although I would rather not go, I’ll make an exception!

As you already know, she is very pretty!

Before I saw that new car, I was ready to buy a used one!

I had already eaten supper by the time they arrived!

Even if you beg me, I won’t do it!

I enjoyed the movie even though it was from the fifties!

Every time I travel to London, the sun is never out!

If you meet her, please tell me!

Just in case she didn’t tell you, she does not like the sushi!

Here are some common words used as subordinating conjunctions:

After, although, as, as soon as, because, before, by the time, even if, even though, every time, if, in case, now that, once, since, so that, than, the first time, than, unless, until, when, whenever, whether or not, while, why.

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Visit What are Subordinating Conjunctions? Grammar Review Audio Version

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