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Comments about English Club

Thanks to everyone who sends us their feedback about EnglishClub. This page contains a selection of your comments.

Please tell us what you think about EnglishClub! consistently produces useful exercises and information for me. I find it edifying and illuminating and just plain fun! Thanks for the great free resource.' Ernst Neufeld, Teacher of English, USA
There's no tool to learn and improve the English language like EnglishClub - that's amazing, I mean, here we can find whatever we're looking for, and we still can have a great work with our students!' Egilson Da Gama, Teacher of English, Brazil
When I am lost, I go to EnglishClub. When I am sad I think about MyEnglishClub. When I want to share something I go to MyPage in MyEnglishClub. EnglishClub is my second Home.' Hanane, Learner of English, Morocco
The Magic site! It is cleverly designed, stimulating, easily viewed. It is the key to a great door into the world of great English civilization and culture. Thank you!' Misha from Belgrade, Learner of English, Serbia
EnglishClub is absolutely fantastic. I have been looking forward to something like this for a long time. All your pieces of advice and teaching tips are all very useful for both the brand new teacher and the senior one. Congratulations and all best wishes from Lima, Peru.' Roberto, Teacher, Peru
EnglishClub is a rich source for self-perfection, self-development and self-knowledge - just don't fail to catch it!' Deuce, Learner of English, Ukraine
I have spoken English all my life and I want you to know I think you have an extraordinary website here. What encouragement you offer to those who are interested in English! Blessings in your endeavor.' Linda Lowther, USA
My college professor persuade us to take a look at, at first i am not interested with it and think that visiting the site would be a waste of time, but as I go on I found out that it is really worth trying. All the activities of the site is very useful especially for us learners of english. I can say that this site is AWESOME and TERRIFIC.' Jaycel Anne J. Barona, Learner of English
I am grateful to Josef Essberger for 7 Secrets. They are informative and sharp. It is very useful for me, thank you!' Andrey Kochanov, Learner of English, Russia
I am so thankful for what you have sent me, the 7 Secrets were really golddust. I'll tell you a bit about myself. I have just graduated from the Teacher Training College in BA Argentina, where I live. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to start working before I graduated from College. I have been working at companies for five years now. As I've always been keen on teaching and learning the language, I`ve been trying to do all my best to grow professionally. As a consequence of all this, apart from being studying at College, I've taken courses such as TESOL, business courses and now the licentiate diploma in Applied Drama. What I want to get at, is that all the teachers I've had up to now, haven't expressed to me or told me what you have told, or better taught, me in seven mails. The secrets have been of so much use to me that I am convinced right now, that I have to be more self-taught and, as you said in one of the secrets study five words a day, listen, etc. Because of all this I have to say "Thank you Josef!!"'
Mara France Garcia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am very happy to know EnglishClub, because it is an important tool that I can use in order to improve my English. I always have a powerful resource in the Web, and a friend by email that sends me the best information in English.' Hugo Curtale, Learner of English, Argentina
This is one of the best websites I've ever visited - clear and well done. Here you can find whatever you look for concerning the English language; you can be a 7 year old student or a 60 year old teacher.' Ethami Zokhrouf, Teacher, Morocco
I think that this site unites many people from different countries. Thanks to this site I find many interesting friends and learn many interesting things.' Emelaynova Olga, Learner of English, Russia
I just wanted to tell you that your site has helped me help others. I don't know how I could have done it without you!!!! So grateful to have such a wonderful site and for free! Thanks so much to everyone who makes it all possible.' Tana Hul, Teacher of English
Once again I thank you for the great help your site is to me and my students. Your way of explaining, your way of guiding is so nice and easy that I really want to say THANKS for the excellent job you do. There are many sites I visit to improve my English, but my favourite one is English Club.' Laura Montes, Teacher, Mexico
You have an excellent site. Thank you for your help. Good wishes to you & your wonderful team.' Galina Bykov, Teacher, Israel
veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery good site!!!!!!' Andrew, Learner, South Korea
Thanks a million for providing this site for the people who learn or teach English. I improved my English by studying your pages. Go on the right way.' White Eagle, Learner of English, Turkey
Although I am not using your website for ESL exactly, it is an extremely valuable tool for my purposes. My mother suffered a stroke in late August and was left with a severe case of aphasia. Thus, she is having to re-learn language and reading skills. The quizzes on your website are a great tool. Thanks.' Christine, USA
I do appreciate very much your efforts to provide a great site free for all students and new learners, no matter rich or poor. The site is well designed and what I like the most about your site is, being simple, concise yet essential content for the user.' Mansoor
Enjoying this site always leads me to an appreciation of how professional, serious and experienced the contributors are. It contains the real ESL learner's or teacher's needs.' Anas Mahfut, Teacher, Indonesia
The EnglishClub website does help me improving my English in an excitingly fun way. I can no longer differentiate between learning and having fun. Something that I can hardly find elsewhere!' Yarianto, Learner of English, Indonesia
Your site is really decorating the whole web. It's fantastic. Thank you so much.' Rami Khalil, Teacher, Syria
I think it is a very good way to improve English. When my friend told me about this web address, I decided to visit it and become a member. I have been a member of since 2001 and I have been very happy. THANK YOU ENGLISHCLUB.COM!!!!!!!!!' Elif Tek, Learner of English, Turkey
Excellent. Thank You! I reviewed the tips for writing applications essays, and I can honestly say that I got more out of twenty minutes browsing than in two years of tutelage with my teachers. This is a great overview of all the many details that every student has to keep track of when writing a convincing essay. Thank you.' Ben Hill, Native Speaker, USA
I really am very happy to send you these few words just to thank you about the tremendous role you are playing. Your club submits information for every learner in every part of the world. It is absolutely the best that I have ever known and I think I will never find such a site all over the web.' Djebbari Hocine, Teacher, Algeria
YOU ARE FANTASTIC!' Mokhtari Nadir, Teacher, Algeria
EnglishClub - it's great, excellent, very good! I like this site very much! I like you! Thanks for 7 secrets - they are very right! Thanks for everything! with love...' Tania, Teacher, Russia
Excellent! I am very impressed by the quality of the information and the useful advice given. The topics are pertinent, the texts are easy to understand and the visual presentations are clear. All this information will be very useful for my final English presentation, in April. Thanks a lot!' Jean Lapointe, Learner of English, Canada
I have read with a great interest every part of this wonderful document by EnglishClub... this professional website has, again, provided us with a very useful document. To say the least, the document is empowering... I personally consider using it as instructional materials for my "Writing for the Profession" course in the department I have been chairing. It should -- to say the least -- make both useful as well as engaging learning materials. I would also suggest others in the profession to make an experiment with the materials and share the results in this forum. Good luck on everything.' Dr. Bachrudin Musthafa, Ph.D., M.A., Chair, Dept. of English, Indonesian University of Education
A gem! I thought I knew what there was to know about CV's, but you put me straight on a few points. A very useful tool for students of English wishing/planning to be employed by MNCs (Multi National Companies).' Yvonne Gluyas, Australia
Thank you for your internet service. I am very lucky to find this site. I will do my best to be a good member of EnglishClub.' Ha Cheong-hwa, Teacher of English, South Korea
Well Done!!!! All the basics, in an easy to use, easy to follow format! Finally, my students have some high quality, free material to use! Thanks & keep up the good work!' John Herzig, Teacher, USA
I just logged on to your site and have found it to be incredibly resourceful. I congratulate you on the extraordinary effort you have put into this page. I am planning on incorporating elements of this site into my class. I truly support the effort and evident quality of the page. Keep up the great work!' Mario Medina, English Department, University of Puerto Rico
Excellent because complete, very useful and well organized. I did find what I was looking for just in 10 minutes! It helped me exactly as I desired. Thanks for your wonderful site!' Michela Grammatico, Learner of English, Italy
Excellent! I like EnglishClub very much. It improves our English a lot. It helps us for everything. English is most common used language in world. I feel everyone should use this site for better English.' Priti Oza, Learner of English, India
Well done! Keep up with the good work, OK. We all owe you a big THANK YOU. As for myself, I've been in love with this site since the time I started to join the club. I've had a lot of fun here and a lot of new friends. Also, I like the designs of this website--the font is big enough to see, the pages are well organized, and the information is just amazing. Again, thanks Josef. ;)" Lennye Tran, Learner of English, USA
It's funny but more I have more I need.' Victoria Kamalova, Teacher, Russia
I like this site very much. This is the only place where I can talk to other foreign English leaners. English is a beautiful language, but I think Russian language is better.' Seveneleven, Learner of English, Russia
Congratulations! Your site is very interesting and exquisite. I've used your methods of teaching in my classrooms. They help me so much. Thanks a lot.' Niloofar, Teacher, Iran
I am an Iranian. Your site is very, very good. Thank you.' Mehdi, Learner of English, Iran
This site is just fantastic! I've got so many ideas popping in my mind while I travel through this wonderful English world!' Nina, Teacher, Brazil
This the best website I have ever known and read till now. I would like to thank you for emailing me the seven secrets in English.' Abdullah Haj Hamoud, Teacher of English, Syria
I really like the handout section for teachers--it really helps my students!' Cynthia Humphrey, Teacher, USA
This program is absolutely great for English as a Second Language speakers who are professionals! I will recommend this site in the Language Masters Inc. monthly newsletter; moreover, I will suggest that our teachers be trained using your program, which is easy to follow & understand. Great development job!' Lori A. Starcher, USA
Very helpful...very of charge!' Ashraf Saber, Egypt
Well done! An excellent information source which will help many people with this most feared subject.' Paul Joslyn, United Kingdom
Complete guide, with immediate application, well organised and full of tricks!' Javier Romera, Spain
Great job!' Barmalini, Learner of English, Ukraine
I like this website very much. It's very, very helpful to me. Thank you so much.' Chau Minh Thai, Learner of English, Vietnam
Excellent! Very informative. If I get the job I'm applying for right now I'll send you a box of chocolates.' Ivor Dubrovic, Russia
I think that is very important for the people that want learn English. EnglishClub is the best internet.' Ayde Maria Mosquera Mosquera, Learner of English, Colombia
I have been searching for a reliable place on the net to go back to whenever a new doubt arises and I believe EnglishClub has the answer to many of them. Sometimes it takes me a while to find the answer but I eventually "bump" into it. I am not yet sure about which comes first: finding or bumping. I have used your "7 Secrets For EFL/ESL Students" with my students and myself because I believe that consciousness-raising is one of the most important tools one can use to either learn or teach a new language. Thank you for being such a great help. And please keep up the good work.' Ana Fausta do Amaral Fagundes, Teacher, Brazil
I really love your page, please send me more information to increase my skills. Thanks a lot. Your fan from Mexico City. PS: You're the best in helping people around the world. Thanks!!!!' Malena, Teacher, Mexico
Excellently cool!' Roberto Manca, Teacher, Italy
The handouts and activities are really well done and there is such a wealth of information! Absolutely brill!!!!' Wendy Henderson, Teacher, Canada
It's great to have as a friend.' Elizabete Cardoso, Learner of English, Brazil
EnglishClub is the best place for those who want to learn and teach English.' Sakti Nugroho, Teacher, Indonesia
I think it is very useful for overseas teachers and students who have little possibilities in improving their levels. This site allows both teachers and students to be up-dated and in contact with native users of the language.' R. A. Gurruchaga, Teacher, Argentina
Thank you for your effort that you do on this site. I think every section in EnglishClub is my favourite section. Thank you again for you wonderful site.' Nivan, Teacher, Egypt
Many thanks for every document you prepared for students and teachers and those who want to learn English effectively. I find it very interesting, useful, effective.' Nalan, Teacher, Turkey
I really like the handout section for teachers--it really helps my students!' Cynthia Humphrey, Teacher, USA
An excellent site, the best business English site available on the internet. All business communication students and teachers must be told about this site.' Kitty Temple, Teacher, Latvia
Excellent. This is the most wonderful presentation that I have ever read.' Herwin Rodriguez, Guatemala
I believe it will be very helpful for my students. I plan on including this address on my course outline so that my students will visit and benefit from this site.' Jean Marie Gonzalez, Teacher of English, USA
Excellent! Testing tools are awesome. It makes you revise what you learned previously. Thank you!!!' Yazmin Lau, Peru
Excellent and informative. I believe it will be very useful in a Business English class I am currently teaching for MBA students from Spain.' R. McFarland, USA

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