Test of English for International Communication

TOEIC is a standardized test that measures your listening and reading skills, and or your speaking and writing skills. This exam evaluates your ability to function in international business and real-world settings rather than in an academic setting. Some students take the TOEIC because they want to improve their English. Other students take the TOEIC because they need it for an intensive English course or they want to apply for a job that requires a TOEIC score. Every institution expects a different standard of proficiency from its employees or students.

Typical TOEIC Topics

Here are the sorts of the topics that you may find in a TOEIC test:

  • Health, Housing
  • Banking, Offices, Jobs, Industry
  • Entertainment, Restaurants, Travel, Transportation

TOEIC Format

Listening and Reading Test

100 questions, 45 minutes
Part I: Photographs (10 questions)
Part II: Question-Response (30 questions)
Part III: Short Conversations (30 questions)
Part IV: Short Talks (30 questions)

100 questions, 75 minutes
Part V: Incomplete Sentences (40 questions)
Part VI: Text completion (12 questions)
Part VII: Reading Comprehension - Single Passages (28 questions), Double Passages (20 questions)

Speaking and Writing Test

About 20 Minutes, 11 Questions
Various tasks including describing a photo, expressing an opinion, and providing a response or solution

About one hour, 8 questions
7 written responses and 1 opinion essay

The TOEIC is developed in the United States, but is used throughout the world. The test developers use American language and spelling. The voices in the listening section are American, European countries or Australian accents.

TOEIC Practice Session
Examples for each part of the TOEIC, and explanations concerning the right and wrong answers. These practice sessions contain questions that are similar to the real test. Note: Text that appears in blue is what you will be able to read on the real test. Text that appears red is what you will only be able to hear.

20 TOEIC Tips
Hints and advice to help you. Follow these essential tips to improve your TOEIC score.

More information may be found on the official TOEIC website.