FAQ for Learners

How can I use EnglishClub to improve my English?
EnglishClub has many pages designed to help you improve your English. EnglishClub is like a Self Access Centre - it lets you work in your own way and at your own time. You can choose the method that you like best. If you like to "study", you can look at the lessons in areas like Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, or the four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. If you prefer a "fun" method, you can try areas such as ESL Games, ESL Quizzes and ESL Jokes. For a really "interactive" approach, try communicating in English through ESL Forums or MyEnglishClub. You can also post a question about English at the Grammar Help Desk.

Does EnglishClub offer language courses?
EnglishClub is an ESL resource site, with many pages and lessons that can help you improve your English. But these are not "language courses" as such. If you are looking for a language course at a school, or perhaps online, you could check our Study English Worldwide pages.

I have a question about grammar. Can you help me?
You can ask a grammar question on our Grammar Help Desk.

How can I listen to English with EnglishClub?
You can find several listening resources in English Listening.

How can I chat in English?
You can chat in English night or day through ESL Chat.

I want to find a pen pal to exchange emails in English.
You'll find plenty of other learners and teachers who want to hear from you in MyEnglishClub.

Where can I discuss things in English?
You can discuss anything you want in English in EnglishClub's ESL Forums or in MyEnglishClub.

I don't know my level in English. Can you tell me?
You can get a good idea of your level in English by doing the written comprehension test.

I need help with pronunciation.
You can find some useful pages in our Pronunciation section, which includes word stress, sentence stress and linking.

I'd like to play some games to improve my English.
Games are an excellent way to make progress in English. Play games in ESL Games.

Can I do some ESL quizzes for fun?
Certainly! Check out ESL Quizzes for plenty of interactive quizzes.

Can EnglishClub help me find a school?
If you're looking for a school almost anywhere in the world, try looking in our Study English Worldwide pages.