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What are Comparative Adjectives? Grammar Review

What are “Comparative adjectives?”. They are words used to compare two objects. In other words, when we compare two nouns! Comparative adjectives help determine which noun is “bigger, smaller, nicer etc”. Two syllable words are modified by adding a suffix. Adjectives with three syllables are preceded with the word “More”. Sometimes it is more appropriate to used the opposite comparative to refer to people or subjects in a nicer way! We use the term “not as __ as”. Positive ways to compare in an equal manner is “as __ as”.

Examples with one syllable adjectives:

You are “taller” than me!

I am “not as tall as” you!

You “are as tall as” me! (Equal)

Your house is “bigger” than mine!

My house is “not as big as” yours!

Your house “is as big as” mine! (Equal)

Examples with three syllable words:

Your job is “more important” than mine!

My job is “not as important as” yours!

Our jobs are “equally important”. (Equal)

Your car is “more expensive than” mine!

My car is “less expensive compared to” yours!

Our cars are “equally expensive!” (Equal)


As you can see, sometimes we use adverbs to make our statement understandable. The word “equal” is an adjective while the word “equally” is an adverb. The above are just a few examples. There are many more!

Visit What are Comparative Adjectives? Grammar Review PDF Version

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