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Learning English Video Project

This is a series of seven very popular 15-minute videos about learning English in different countries around the world. Each video is available with subtitles. Get your free embed codes here

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If you would like to give visitors to your website easy access to EnglishClub resources for English learners and teachers, feel free to link to any page or pages that would be helpful for your visitors.

Below are some ready-made links. Just copy the code to your web page:

Links to main pages


<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="English Club">EnglishClub</A>

Learn English

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="Learn English">Learn English</A>

English Grammar Guide

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="English Grammar Guide">English Grammar Guide</A>

English Vocabulary

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="English Vocabulary">English Vocabulary</A>

Teach English

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="Teach English">Teach English</A>

Links to other useful pages

ESL Forums - discussion for English learners

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="ESL Forums">ESL Forums - 
discussion for English learners</A>

English Grammar Help

viewforum.php?f=199" target="_top" title=
"English Grammar Help">English Grammar Help</A>

English Chat

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="English Chat">English Chat</A>

This Week in History

this-week-in-history/" target="_top" title=
"This Week in History">This Week in History</A>


listen-learn/" target="_top" title=
"Listen and Learn">LISTEN AND LEARN</A>

English Links

<A HREF="" 
target="_top" title="English Links">English Links</A>