Business English

business (noun): 1 commercial activity; a commercial organization. 2 someone's regular occupation; work to be done or things to be attended to. 3 someone's concern.

What is Business English?

Business Letters
How to write business letters and other correspondence in English. Includes memos and emails.

Sample Business Letters
A selection of business letter samples, including email and memo, that you can amend and use as you wish

Business Presentations
People are sometimes afraid of speaking in public, but if you follow a few simple rules, giving a presentation is actually very easy.

Vocabulary, language, skills and tactics for negotiating in English. With case studies

World currencies, including the Euro

Business English Vocabulary
Hands-on vocabulary for business English

Here is the language you'll need for holding or attending business meetings in English.

Resumes and Cover Letters
Or CVs and Covering Letters. Two important documents you need when you apply for a job

10 Body Language Tips for Presentations
Body language is a powerful tool in any presentation

Online Advertising Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Internet advertising, with example sentences showing words in context