Worksheet Maker

Make your own printable PDF worksheets with the EnglishClub Worksheet Maker. You can print out your worksheets FREE on A4/US paper sizes and photocopy for the class—including automatic answersheets.

Below you can see some pre-filled example worksheets. You will create your own by entering your own words and phrases. Worksheet Maker immediately scrambles or shuffles your words for you.

Matching Worksheet Maker

Sometimes called a "spaghetti exercise", with this worksheet your students draw lines between your words to match them up.

Excellent for: opposites, synonyms, collocations, cities and countries...

Matching Worksheet Makermatching answers

Sorting Worksheet Maker

You choose a collection of words which appear at first in the single box at the bottom. Students sort them by writing them in the appropriate column (category) above.

Excellent for: word stress, categories, parts of speech...

Sorting Worksheet Maker (3 columns)sorting answers

Word Scramble Maker

You enter ten (correctly spelled) words. The scrambler scrambles their spelling and your students spell them correctly.

Excellent for: spelling and vocabulary, writing and reading skills...

Scrambled Words Worksheet Makerscrambled words answers