Language Tools

On these pages you'll find practical language tools such as dictionaries, thesauruses, translators, converters and other online language resources for English learners and teachers.

English Tests
Online tests to check your English language ability and level

Dictionaries speaker icon
Online English-English dictionaries, synonym dictionaries, antonym dictionaries, rhyming dictionaries and glossaries

Pronunciation Tools speaker icon
Tools for listening to English words, and understanding and writing with those fancy IPA symbols like /ʤ/ and /ə/

Grammar Tools
Online grammar help desk and explanations of errors and non-errors in English

Speaking Tools speaker icon
Tools for speaking online and recording your voice

Learning Tools speaker icon
Daily and weekly resources that you can get online or by email

Translation Tools
Sites that convert one language into another language, for example Arabic to Spanish or French to English

Conversion Tools
Converters to change one thing into another thing, for example miles into kilometres

Quick Reference
Parts of speech, verb tenses, punctuation marks, idioms and more