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Are “Hello” Interjections Formal English? Grammar Review

Interjections can be formal and informal! What is an interjection? An interjection is a word, phrase or clause that shares a persons feelings or emotions! That’s just the start! Interjections are used everyday in formal and informal English. Interjections sometimes have a clear definition or no definition. Any word in the English language can be used as an interjection. While interjections are considered as one of the eight, nine or ten essential parts of English, they are not essential at all! Interjections can be used to compliment a fact or thought! They are also used alone without further explanation. Remember, a complete sentence in English must contain at least one verb! Below are examples! Ask your teacher to explain this subject further!

“Greeting” Interjection Examples

These are simple ways to say “Hello” with “Interjections”

Hello! How are you today? (Formal)

Hi! How are you today? (Informal)

Good morning! How are you? (Formal)

Morning! How are you? (Informal)

Good afternoon! (Formal)

Afternoon! (Informal)

Good evening! (Formal)

Evening! (Informal)

Slang/Informal Greeting Interjections!

Hey! How’s it goin? (Very Informal or Slang)

Hey there! What’s up? (Very Informal or slang)

Hey man! Long time no see! (Very Informal to a friend or acquaintance)

The above examples are all about saying hello. They are all interjections! Remember that any word can be used as an interjection. The examples are quite simple.     I used “Hello” to demonstrate how simple English can be in very easy to understand terms.  Ask your teacher for more examples.

Visit Are “Hello” Interjections Formal English? Grammar Review PDF Version

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