What are Mass or Uncountable Nouns Audio

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What are Mass or Uncountable Nouns? Grammar Review

“Mass or Uncountable Nouns” cannot be divided. In other words, in general, we cannot count a mass noun. Some “Mass Nouns” are “Flour, water, juice, rice and salt”. Other mass nouns referred to as “Abstract” nouns are countable as well as uncountable. Words like “Tennis, news, happiness” are not countable while “A quantity, A joke, An hour” are countable. Think of “Abstract nouns” as just the opposite of concrete nouns! We can smell, taste, touch, see and hear “Concrete nouns”. Remember that most grammar rules have exceptions. This is a brief explanation for “Mass nouns”. Ask your teacher for a full explanation and examples. Have fun with nouns!

“Uncountable Concrete Noun” Examples

I can smell the delicious spaghetti in the kitchen! (Smell)

This cold lemonade is very tasty! (Taste)

That dried finished wood feels so smooth! (Touch)

The sunset was a wonderful sight at the end of the day. (See)

I could hear the rain falling all night. (Hear)

“Uncountable Abstract Noun” Examples

She has great beauty in her art work! (Beauty = abstract noun.)

His mother has so much love to give him! (Love = abstract noun.)

They had the courage of lions! (Courage = abstract noun.)

Her imagination is overwhelmingly amazing! (Imagination = abstract noun.)

In the general sense, a person cannot “Smell, taste, touch, see or hear” an abstract noun. There are seven categories of abstract nouns. They are “Feelings, states, emotions, qualities, concepts, ideas, events”. Ask your teacher for more information. This simple summary is a sample of uncountable nouns! Add this grammar review to your daily dose of English!

Visit What are Mass or Uncountable Nouns? Grammar Review PDF Version

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