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English Grammar Review

What is a Verb? Grammar Review

A Verb is one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. A verb expresses an action, state or feeling. Action verbs express an activity we can watch or know it is happening. State or Stative verbs express a fact. Feeling verbs express senses. Common feeling verbs are “Like, Love, Enjoy”. Most stative verbs are never used in the continuous tenses. Some common state verbs are “Have, get and see. Every sentence in English must have a verb.


Action verbs are in bold type.

Q: Do you dance? A: Yes, I dance at the club on Fridays.

Q: Is she running down the street? A: Yes, she runs often!

Q: Are you walking to work today? A: No, I am riding my bicycle!

Stative verbs are in bold type.

Q: Does it have a name? A: Yes, my new dog’s name is Spot.

Q: Do you live in London? A: Yes, I do.

Q: Who is he married to? A: He is married to Sally.

Vocabulary Bank

Verb: Used for actions, states and feelings.

Activity: An action or movement.

Stative: Facts more than actions.

Sentence: As few as two words including a verb.

Visit What is a Verb? Grammar Review PDF Version

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