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American/British English Prepositions! Grammar Review

What’s the difference between British and American English? There are many differences yet many similarities as well. Technically, British English has been around for hundreds of years and American English does not exist at all. North American English is the foundation to what is generally referred to as American English. That said, American English is the terminology for the English language in America. Often, both, British and American are the same. They can also be interchanged with the same meaning in context. Prepositions are no exception. Below are preposition comparisons between the two.

American/British Prepositions:

The first example is American, while the second is British.

On the weekend / At weekends

On the street / In the street

In the front / At the front

A quarter after / A quarter past

A quarter of two / A quarter past two

In school / At school

Do over a room / Do up a room

Fill out a form / Fill in a form

Monday through Friday / Monday to Friday

Get along with someone / Get on with someone

On New Years / At New Years

The above are general differences between British and American English prepositions. There are many other differences between the two languages. The subject of prepositions is just one to study.

Visit American/British English Prepositions! Grammar Review PDF Version

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