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How to Use The Preposition “In”? Grammar Review

The preposition “In” is one of the place and direction prepositions. “In” is often used with the word “Limit”. We use “In” when we refer to small areas as well as big cities. When used with a place, “In” is followed by a noun. Although not exactly correct, speakers of English often use “In” the same way as “Inside and Into”. “In” is extremely useful with time expressions. Remember that prepositions are commonly used with phrasal verbs. In general, there are no specific rules for prepositions. You must study and learn by heart!

Various “In” Preposition Examples

I always sit in the front row at the cinema.

You always catch fish in the river.

We live in California.

They found a new house in the newspaper.

He never sits in the corner of the room.

She owns a big house in the middle of the city.

It was perfect weather in New York.

I asked her to get in the car.

You were dancing in the rain for hours.

We saw so many clouds in the sky.

They had to wait in line for thirty minutes.

He has a cold so, he stayed in bed all day.

She parked her car in the driveway last night.

It is scheduled to leave in twenty minutes.

I will meet you at the office in two hours.

You can call me sometime in the afternoon.

We are going to have breakfast at eight in the morning.

They always watch a movie in the evening.

He will finish the project in three months.

She has been in the movies for many years.

It has many flowers in the garden.

Visit How to Use The Preposition “In”? Grammar Review PDF Version

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