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How to Use The Preposition “On”? Grammar Review

The preposition “On” is one of the place and direction prepositions. When we refer to physical things, “On” is often connected with the word “Touch”. We also use “On” when referring to locations and general statements. This preposition is extremely common with time expressions too! Phrasal verbs are another reason why this preposition is extremely popular. Study the examples below for a variety of reasons why we use “On”.

Various “On” Preposition Examples

I saw the cat on the table this morning.

You should put your coat on because it is cold outside.

We noticed all the ice on the walkway this morning.

They enjoyed an excursion on the river yesterday.

He spilled coffee on his shirt at lunchtime.

She walked through the park on the grass.

It has four rooms on the second floor.

I live on the corner of Second and Elm streets.

You always ride your bicycle on the sidewalk.

We experienced heavy traffic on the freeway this morning.

They are going to meet us on Saturday.

He said, he will meet us on Thirty Second street.

She invited us to her party on Friday.

It is always celebrated on New Years.

I was just on time as the bus was leaving.

You always drive safely on the city streets.

We will speak on the phone later today.

They are watching their favorite program on TV tonight.

He has been on the computer all weekend.

She rarely wears a ring on her finger.

It must have a collar on when it is outside.

Visit How to Use The Preposition “On”? Grammar Review PDF Version

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