What are By, Next to, Beside Prepositions Audio

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What are By, Next to, Beside Prepositions? Grammar Review

“By, Next to and Beside” are prepositions of “Place and Movement”. In other words, where is something or someone? These three prepositions are a great example of different prepositions that refer to the same subject. Arbitrary preposition choices are made by everyone, everyday! The main idea with prepositions is to use them in an understandable way. As long as the other person understands what you are saying, that is perfect communication. Also? Fluent speakers of English often communicate the same thought two different ways. This is often done to help the listener fully understand what the speaker is saying. Below are examples with different variants that will help you better understand.

“By, Next to, Beside” Place Examples:

Q: Who is that walking beside the building? A: That’s my mom!

Q: What are they working on next to the park? A: The road!

Q: Where is that man standing? A: He is standing by the car!

Q: When will she sit by me? A: Soon, I hope!

Q: Why are you always sitting beside that table? A: It’s where I work!

In all the above examples, all three prepositions are fully interchangeable. All three prepositions are generally used to refer to something or someone on the left or right of something or someone! Notice that all prepositions above are followed by a noun! Do not confuse the word “Besides”. While this is used as a preposition, it is also used as a linking adverb. As an adverb, “Besides” means “In addition to” or “Also”. Here are a few examples with “Besides”:

Besides basketball, what other sports do you like?

What other types of sports do you like, besides, basketball?

He ate eggs and pancakes, besides, the potatoes!

Visit What are By, Next to, Beside Prepositions? Grammar Review PDF Version

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