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How to Use The Preposition “At”? Grammar Review

The preposition “At” is one of the many place and direction prepositions. “At” is commonly used to refer to places. It is used to express very specific details and general facts. “At” is commonly used to refer to school or university. It is used with many time expressions. “At” is used to refer to a direction and distance. Adjective and “At” combinations are very common as well. Below are examples in various forms. Study them carefully. You may see a few phrasal verbs as well. See if you can identify the phrasal verbs. Have fun!

Various “At” Preposition Examples

I met her at the park yesterday.

You arrived late at the train station this morning.

We ate dinner at the new pizzeria last night.

They will meet us at the hospital later.

He was at the concert until three a.m.

She sat down beside him at the dinner table.

It was at our neighbors house all day yesterday.

I have worked at the bank for five years now.

You left work at 3 in the afternoon yesterday.

We can meet at the end of the week.

They woke up at ten in the morning.

He got married to Larisa at the age of fifty nine.

She has been staring at me for twenty minutes.

It was meowing at the neighbors cat all night.

I nibbled at the pizza all day but, never finished it.

You have been at lunch far past an hour.

We have been driving at forty miles per hour.

They are great at learning and speaking English.

He told me to call him at 555-5555.

She will be so happy at the test results.

It isn’t very good at training people.

Visit How to Use The Preposition “At”? Grammar Review PDF Version

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