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What are Movement Prepositions? Grammar Review

Prepositions of movement and direction are used to refer to show movement from one place to another. Generally, movement prepositions follow a verb. These are used to refer to specific places or general places. Many movement prepositions and place prepositions are used universally in spoken English. Study prepositions in simple usage. There may be or not be specific preposition rules. Prepositions are also commonly used with phrasal verbs. That is another subject. Keep your English study simple. Below are some examples of popular movement prepositions.

Movement Preposition examples:

To, through, across, along, around, down, into, off, out of, past, towards.

To: Walk to, travel to, run to, jump to, climb to.

Through: Climb through, walk through, drive through, ride through.

Across: Stroll across the bridge, run across the field, walk across the street.

Along: Wander along the river, walk along the street.

Around: Run around the playground, walk around the yard.

Down: Go down the stairs, hike down the mountain.

Into: Walk into a room, pour coffee into my cup.

Off: Take off your shoes, get off the table, run off the stage.

Out of: Walk out of the park, climb out of the window.

Past: Run past the shop, walk past the corner.

Towards: Drive towards the store, walk towards the building.

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Visit What are Movement Prepositions? Grammar Review Audio Version

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