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What are Place Prepositions? Grammar Review

Place prepositions help refer to position and direction. There are general ideas and rules. There are everyday expressions too. Technically, there are only three place prepositions in the English language. Those would be “At, In, On”. Generally, teachers do not teach place prepositions this way. Most prepositions are taught collectively as a group. “At” is generally associated with places. “In” is generally used with limits. “On” is generally used when two things touch. Remember that all prepositions play an important role with phrasal verbs as well. With phrasal verbs, forget the general rules above. With phrasal verbs, there are no rules. Study phrasal verbs carefully. Below is a partial list of commonly used prepositions of place. There are many more!

Prepositions of Place Examples:

At, in, on, by, next to, beside, under, below, over, above.

At: At the park, at home, at work, at school.

In: In the house, in the room, in the cup, in the pocket.

On: On the table, on the ceiling, on the wall, on the shelf.

By: By the sofa, by the park, by the tree.

Next to: Next to the park, next to the building.

Beside: Beside me, beside the table, beside the car.

Under: Under the table, under the sofa, under the cabinet.

Below: Below the surface, below the clouds, below ground.

Over: Over the bridge, over the mountain, over the sea.

Above: Above the lake, above the clouds, above the mountains.

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Visit What are Place Prepositions? Grammar Review Audio Version

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