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What are Time Prepositions? Grammar Review

We use prepositions to help refer to time. Time prepositions are truly part of history! Time prepositions are part of everyday speech used in combination with other words. While there may be definite rules for time, it is better to learn time expressions by heart. Study the most common uses and examples first! Here are general time examples with prepositions.

Common Prepositions used with Time:

On, in, at, since, for, ago, before, to, past, till, until, by.

On: On Monday, On Tuesdays, On Wednesday, On weekends etc.

In: In January, In summer, In the morning, In 2017, In an hour.

At: At night, At the weekend, At half past, At three pm.

Since: Since 1972, Since the party, since that time, since yesterday.

For: For three years, for twenty minutes, for one week.

Ago: Five years ago, two months ago, one week ago, two hours ago.

Before: Before January, before we met, before last year.

To: Fifteen minutes to five, ten minutes to the hour.

Past: Five minutes past the hour, ten minutes past five.

Till: From Tuesday till Friday, From August till October.

Until: From eight until five, from Wednesday until Saturday.

By: By tomorrow, by Monday, by two o’clock, by five today.

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