Presentation Review

This page summarizes the points that we have learned about making presentations in English.

In this seminar, you have learned:

  • to allow plenty of time for preparation
  • to ask the all-important question-words, why? who? where? when? how? and what?
  • to structure your presentation into introduction, body, conclusion and questions
  • to write notes based on keywords
  • to rehearse your presentation several times and modify it as necessary
  • to select the right equipment for the job
  • to use equipment effectively
  • to make use of clear, powerful visual aids that do not overload your audience
  • to use clear, simple language, avoiding jargon
  • to use active verbs and concrete facts
  • to explain the structure of your presentation at the beginning so that your listeners know what to expect
  • to link each section of your presentation
  • to signpost your presentation from beginning to end so that your listeners know where they are
  • to say what you are going to say, say it, and say what you have just said
  • to overcome your nerves
  • to establish audience rapport
  • to be aware of your body language
  • to understand cultural differences
  • to control the quality of your voice
  • to maintain interest by varying the speed, volume and pitch of your voice
  • to deal with listeners' questions politely
  • to respond to your audience positively
So much for the review of what you've learned. Next, we'll go to the self-assessment test where we can evaluate your understanding...