Listen to English Radio Online

Listen to English-language radio or television right on your computer, tablet or smartphone—perfect for intermediate-advanced listening practice. From this very page you can get instant access to English-language radio and TV programmes wherever you are in the world, without a radio or TV.

In fact, you can google for "english radio" or "english tv" anytime to find online radio/TV stations to listen to. You will find hundreds if not thousands of links. On this page English Club recommends links for English learners to get you started.

See WordChecker below for vocabulary is not a radio station but a website through which you can listen direct to radio stations. Here are a few examples:


BBC (British Broadcastic Corporation) is the British state broadcaster presenting news and current affairs in English 24/7 in British English and various other accents.


VOA (Voice of America) offers news coverage spoken in simple American English with a core vocabulary of 1500 words.


NPR is a network of radio stations across the USA with a talk-based format mostly in American English.


RT (formerly Russia Today) presents news events, discussion, interviews and analysis in English with a variety of accents.


PressTV is the English-language news service from IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in various accents.

Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English (AJE) is an English-language news and current affairs TV channel based in Doha, Qatar. Various accents.

broadcast (verb): transmit a programme by radio or TV

buffering (verb): downloading audio/video in preparation for play

live (adjective): being broadcast right now; happening now

on-air (adjective): broadcasting now

streaming (adjective/verb): relating to audio/video being transmitted as a steady, continuous flow

subtitles (noun): words written on a video screen to show what the speaker is saying (subtitles, or subs, may be in the same language as the sound or translated into a different language).

transcript (noun): written version of what you hear on audio/video

Be aware that many national radio and TV news stations tend to give the news from their own viewpoint and it may therefore seem biased. If you keep this in mind, it nevertheless makes excellent listening practice.