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Airport Bus Conversation

Larisa English Club #15 Audio Version

Mom, dad along with grandma and grandpa are all part of past generations when life was just a little slower. All of the time? No! However, in today’s world of technology, thingsRead More…

Daily Needs

Larisa English Club #14

Visit Larisa English Club #14 Audio Version and Larisa English Club #14 PDF Version Download PDF Welcome to Larisa English Club #14 What’s New? China’s First Forest City Speaking Practice. Daily Needs English Grammar. Present Perfect + ForRead More…

Sentient Robots and The Future

Larisa English Club #12 Audio Version

Visit Larisa English Club #12 PDF Version Zombies and aliens may not be a realistic threat to our species. But there’s one stock movie villain we can’t be so sanguine about: sentient robots.Read More…