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Musical Instruments and Conversation

Larisa English Club #10 PDF version

Visit Larisa English Club #10 Audio Version Download PDF Welcome to Larisa English Club #10 What’s New? America’s Oceans and Seas Facts. History Topic! The Earths Oceans Unexplored. Conversation Topic. Musical Instruments and Conversation. Speaking Practice. BasicRead More…

Larisa English Club # 4. Speaking practice topic - job interview.

Larisa English Club #4

Visit Larisa English Club #4 Audio Version and Larisa English Club #4 PDF version Download PDF Welcome to Larisa English Club #4 What’s New? Job’s, Manufacturing, Growth and Profit’s Today. History Topic. Ford Motor CompanyRead More…

Larisa English Club #3

Larisa English Club #3 Audio Version

Visit Larisa English Club #3 PDF Version Welcome to Larisa English Club #3 What’s New? Flying Cars of Today. History Topic! Flying Cars of The Past. Conversation Topic. Talking about others. Dialog Practice. Questions and Answers. BasicRead More…