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What are Past Simple Verbs? Grammar Review

Past simple verbs are used to refer to past completed actions or events. This can be the recent past or long ago. Sometimes the exact time or duration of the event is not important. We often use past simple verbs for general statements. If the exact time is important, past simple is usually followed by a time expression. There are less than 200 irregular verbs in English. You must study them by heart! There are countless regular past verbs in English. To form a past simple verb, we add “ed” to the infinitive verb with a few basic grammar rules. We use the verb “Do in the past (Did) + Infinitive” to ask questions in the past. Did is the auxiliary verb while the past simple verb refers to facts and actions.

Past Simple Questions

Q: What did you eat for dinner yesterday? A: I ate pizza!

Q: Where did you go after work yesterday? A: I went home!

Q: When did they have dinner last Friday? A: They had dinner at 8!

Q: Who did he meet with on Tuesday? A: He met with Sergey!

Q: Why did she travel on the bus this morning? A: Because she wanted to!

Q: How did it eat so fast? A: It ate fast because it was hungry!

Negative Past Simple from Above

I didn’t eat dinner last night! I wasn’t hungry!

I didn’t go anywhere last night! I stayed home!

They didn’t have dinner last Friday! They had a late lunch!

He didn’t meet anyone on Tuesday! He went home early!

She didn’t travel by bus this morning! She drove her car!

It didn’t eat fast at all! It wasn’t hungry!

The above is just a few examples of past simple words. Ask your teacher for a full explanation of past simple verbs and tense.

Visit What are Past Simple Verbs? Grammar Review PDF Version

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