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Adverbs “Just and Yet” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Just and Yet” Grammar Review.

The adverbs “Just and Yet” are two of the many adverbs used in the English language.

The most common  tenses these adverbs are used in, are the “Perfect Tenses”.

It is quite common for these two adverbs to be used in combination. “Yet” is used to form questions and negatives.

“Just” is used for questions and positive statements. These adverbs can also be used in simple tenses as well.


Present Perfect tense:

Question: Have you been to the bank yet?

Answer: No, I haven’t. or Yes, I’ve just returned.

Question: Have you just eaten?

Answer: Yes, I’ve just finished dinner. or No, I haven’t.

Question: Have you read that book yet?

Answer: No, I haven’t. or Yes, I’ve just read it.

Present simple tense:

Question: Can you read yet?

Answer: No, I can’t. or Yes, I can.

Question: Can you ride a bike yet?

Answer: Yes, I can. or No, I can’t.

Question: Can you just sit down?

Answer: Yes, I will. or No, I won’t.

Vocabulary Bank.

Adverb: Words that describe or modify verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Quite: Compare to the word “Very.”

Bank: Where people borrow and keep money.

Dinner: American English third meal of the day.

Bike: Informal or short for the word “Bicycle.”

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