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Early English Learners!

Why not teach your child starting with the basics? How early is too early? All children love colors and cartoons! When kids are entertained with fun and interesting resources, they learn faster and speak faster!

Early English Learners!

Education is Important! Start Kids Early!

Raising children? Speaking and understanding English has never been as important as it is today! The American English language is all about communication around the world! Kids should start studying the basics in English as early as two years of age! Our Billiebug English Grammar Videos educate with fun! If young people have fun learning English, they retain that knowledge faster and for a longer period of time! Children start learning as soon as they hear sounds. Have you ever heard of a parent reading to a child before birth? What about that Beethoven while in the womb? Start your children early and you might also refresh what you had learned when you were a little younger:) Have fun with Billiebug American English Videos!

Childcare and Education

English is International!

Study English and speak with people globally! Take the time to study with our American English Videos! Fortunately, our English resources will get you speaking great English in no time! Starting with Billiebug Nouns! Verbs should be next and then Adjectives! Have fun with Billiebug educational videos!

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Hundreds of Videos

Visit our Haiku Deck channel for great Powerpoint resources! Our Soundcloud channel has hundreds of audios! Our Youtube and Vimeo channels have hundreds of videos created just for speakers of English at all levels!

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English Study Resources!

Larisa English Club is an educational resource for today. While many websites were created years ago, Bill and Larisa Green have created something special for today! Microlearning educational English is now! Videos, Audios, MP3, Podcasts, Powerpoint, Worksheets can be found on our website everywhere!

Times Have Changed!

Learning English today is much different than just five years ago! To study and learn great English, students need different options to study. Teachers need modern learning and teaching methods as well. There are countless educational tools that make learning fun! Having fun with the ability to study is for today! Learning with books alone is a thing of the past. Have fun browsing Larisa English Club and study the way you like!

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People Speak English!

English is the most popular language in the world! Why is that? Because, English is so common today! English is used everywhere! The internet starts with the English language. Programming as well as URL’s are just a start. Computers for modern day use by most people around the world are called “Personal Computers” or “PC”.

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Computers are Invaluable!

Military as well as Business Computers were around long before the first personal computer! The use of computers have become invaluable in everyday life to study with American English Videos. The internet has connected people around the world. In conclusion, English is the most common language of the world! Study English to understand others!

Verb “To Be”

English is a rich language in so many ways. Watch our American English Videos again and again! The English language starts with simple words. The verb “To be” is just the beginning of your English learning adventure. Nouns are next. Vocabulary is needed to be able to speak about different subjects. Remember that words are just words until we decide to use them in a certain way.

Prefix, Suffix, Affix!

What is an “Affix?”. An “Affix” is a letter or letters added to a root word to change it’s meaning. Prefix and suffix are terms used to further describe an affix. In other words, “Affix” is a word used to describe both a “Prefix and Suffix”. A “Prefix” is placed before a word. A “Suffix” is placed after. New words are created from root words. Many words have both a “Prefix and Suffix”. There are many forms as well as specific reasons for adding letters to words. The main idea is to create other words with different definitions in English. Check your dictionary for prefixes as well as suffixes to better understand this subject.

Nouns are People, Place, Thing!

A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea. A proper noun is a word that always starts with a capital letter. Furthermore, nouns name a specific one-of-a-kind item. Common nouns are words used to name general items. Please note that a word is just a word until you decide how to use it. Most nouns can also be used as a verb.

8 Parts of Speech!

A pronoun replaces a noun or noun phrase. We use pronouns so as not to repeat a noun again and again. Most pronouns are short words. There are nine different types of pronouns. Some of the most common pronouns are “He, she, it, I, you, we, they”. Pronouns can function with a direct object or indirect objects.

Verbs are Actions & States!

A verb expresses an action, state or feeling. Action verbs express an activity we can watch as well as know it is happening. State or Stative verbs express a fact. Furthermore, Feeling verbs express senses. Common feeling verbs are “Like, Love, Enjoy”. Most stative verbs are never used in the continuous tenses. Examples are common state verbs “Have, get and see. Every sentence in English must have a verb.

Adverbs are Essential!

An adverb modifies or describes an adjective, a verb or another adverb. They are also called modifiers. This part of grammar expresses manner, place, time as well as degree. Sentence adverbs can modify an entire sentence. They can also modify or change phrases.