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What’s in The News? 7 Things to disappear in The Next Decade

Speaking Practice. Airport Bus Conversation

English Grammar. Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous

What’s in the News?

7 Things to disappear in The Next Decade

Mom, dad along with grandma and grandpa are all part of past generations when life was just a little slower. All of the time? No! However, in today’s world of technology, things are changing at lightning speed.

Compared to any time in history, the pace of innovation and product creation is impossible to find similarities. While in today’s fast paced world, technology is moving faster than humans can keep track.

The near future will bring with it some fundamental changes to everyday life as we know it. Experts agree that many of the inventions we have used nearly forever, will soon go the way of the dinosaur. As strange as that sounds, it’s not that difficult to predict which ones will soon disappear.

Experts have carefully calculated and confidently predicted the short list of well known products that’s headed to your nearest museum. Keys, parking meters, cash, ATM’s and banks, desktop computers, televisions and telephones will disappear before you know it!

Read more at NBC News:

Speaking Practice.

Airport Bus Conversation 

Stan: What time does the bus leave for the airport?

Harry: I don’t know. It used to leave every half hour, but I think the schedule’s been changed.

Stan: Do you know the telephone number to call?

Harry: It’s 642-3100. At least that’s what it used to be.

Stan: Yeah, I’ll try it. (Pause) They don’t seem to answer. 

Harry: I expect that it’s a little too early. I don’t think they open until nine o’clock.

Stan: I’ll call again after nine.

Harry: Great idea. If we need to, we can take a taxi.

Stan: Let’s see what the schedule is and then decide what to do.

Harry: Sounds good.

Language Notes:

At least = In any case

Half hour = Thirty minutes

Used to be = Fact in the past

Great idea = I agree

Sounds good = I agree

English Grammar.

Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous

In some cases, either the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous can be used, with the same meaning. We often do this with the verbs “work” and “live”:

“I’ve worked here since 1992.” Or

“I’ve been working here since 1992.” 

However, we often use the present perfect continuous to emphasize the action in progress, and the present perfect simple to emphasize the result:

“I’ve been working on this report for three weeks.” (Action in progress not completed)

“I’ve finished the project.” (Project completed or done)

“We’ve been cleaning the house all afternoon.” (emphasizes the action of cleaning)

“We’ve cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen.” (emphasizes the fact that the bathroom and kitchen are done)

Remember, most “state” verbs are never used in continuous form:

“I’ve been knowing my best friend since elementary school.” (NOT correct)

“I’ve known my best friend since elementary school.” (Correct)

“She’s been understanding everything in the advanced class so far.” (NOT correct)

“She’s understood everything in the advanced class so far.” (Correct)

In spoken English, we often use the present perfect continuous to talk about ways you have spent your time recently:

“Hi, Joanna! What have you been up to lately?” (Common question form)

“I’ve been training for a karate competition.” (NOT completed)

“Wow – good luck! And how is your son?” (What has your son been doing?)

“He’s good. He’s been studying a lot lately because finals are coming up next week.” (NOT completed)

Until next time…

Spoken English is not difficult with practice. Remember that making mistakes when speaking English is natural. Without speaking practice, it is impossible to speak fluently. Practice speaking everyday. You will be speaking in no time.

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Visit Larisa English Club #15 Audio Version and Larisa English Club #15 PDF version

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  1. Данная информация – отличное дополнение для совершенствования в изучении английского языка. Отдельное спасибо за Larisa English Club #15 Audio Version.

  2. В изучении английского языка, всегда возникает проблема с временами, особенно когда идет речь о Present Perfect Simple или Present Perfect Continuous. Как учитель английского языка как второго лично сталкиваюсь с этим каждый день. Старые методы зазубривания правил не действует, поэтому ищешь что-то новое, интересное, а главное – простое. Прочитав данную статью с простым и понятним обьяснением даже с использванием терминологии, разобраться в таких временах совсем не сложно. Когда понимаешь не только правила, а ситуации где их можно применить – вот залог успешной и грамотной речи:)

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