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Welcome to Larisa English Club #16

What’s in The News? Electric Cars Charge While Traveling Down The Highway.

Speaking Practice. Making a Date.

English Grammar. Comparative Adjectives.

What’s in The News?

Electric Cars Charge While Traveling Down The Highway.

Volvo and other car manufacturers are getting closer to the day where all they make is Electric. Gas and diesel have been the traditional refueling method forever. It’s time for change. Ironically, Ford was the first major US car manufacturer to build and lease a fleet of electric vehicles over 20 years ago. Most of those cars ended up in the trash compacter. Ford kept it quiet for many years. Now, they are far behind the curve. Some types of innovation, you just can’t stop.

For now, electric has found it’s way into the mainstream as the next fuel. By 2024, some manufacturers will stop producing gas autos all together. After that, it’s anyones guess at what will be next. With new technology comes change and the need for further innovation to supply what’s needed, making everything work for the masses. While there might be a gas station just around the corner from your home, electric is a little more complicated than that.

As technology continues to evolve, so will the availability of recharging stations. Those too may become as popular as the eight track sooner than you think. Highways that offer recharging as you drive are in the headlights of engineers today. In fact, there are a number of tests with charging roads being developed now.

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Speaking Practice.

Making a Date.

Drew: What time are you leaving tomorrow?

Paul: You mean to go to the graduation ceremony?

Drew: Yes, I’d like to go with you if I may.

Paul: I’d be delighted to take you. I plan to leave here about nine thirty.

Drew: Fine. I can be ready by then.

Paul: Okay. I’ll pick you up at your house.

Drew: See you tomorrow, then, about nine thirty.

Language Notes:

Making a date = making a social appointment

I’ll pick you up = I’ll come to your house.

I would be delighted = It is okay with me or I agree.

What time are you leaving tomorrow? = Present continuous for the future.

I’d like = I would like to.

English Grammar.

Comparative Adjectives.

Not as ______ as…

“The white wine is not as expensive as the red wine.”

You know how to compare two things by using comparative adjectives:

  • Add -ER (taller, older, faster)
  • Add -ER and double the final consonant (bigger, hotter, thinner)
  • Remove -Y and add -IER (easier, friendlier, prettier)
  • Add “more” or “less” to long words (more expensive, less popular, more interesting)
  • Irregular comparatives (better, farther, worse)

There’s another structure that you can use: not as (adjective) as.

Running is not as fast as biking.

Biking is faster than running.

Canada is not as hot as Ecuador.

Ecuador is hotter than Canada.

Helen is not as friendly as her husband.

Helen’s husband is friendlier than she is.

Movies are not as interesting as books.

Books are more interesting than movies.

Playing video games is not as good as exercising.

Exercising is better than playing video games.

In this structure, we don’t use -ER or “more” with the adjective.

This shirt isn’t as prettier as that blouse. (NOT correct)

This shirt isn’t as pretty as that blouse. (Correct)

As mentioned before, some adjectives are irregular.

Examples with:

Bad, worse, (the worst is a Superlative).

Good, better, (the best is a Superlative).


Last week’s test wasn’t as worse as the previous one.


Last week’s test wasn’t as bad as the previous one.


Last week’s test wasn’t as better as the previous one.


Last week’s test wasn’t as good as the previous one.

Until next time…

Words are just words until you decide how to use them. Is it a thing? Is it an action? Are you describing something? Learn English grammar terminology and your learning experience will be much easier.

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Visit Larisa English Club #16 Audio Version and Larisa English Club #16 PDF version

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