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What are Interjections? Grammar Review

Interjections are words used to express strong emotion or excitement! An interjection can be one word or a combination of words. Often we use an interjection in place of a sentence. It is not uncommon for one word to share a generous thought or two. It is important that the speaker and those listening understand the English language at an advanced level. Interjections can be regarded as metaphors. You must interpret the true meaning of an interjection. Often, an interjection is used at the beginning of a sentence followed by a statement of some kind. Interjections are a fun part of English. Below are a few examples. Just about any word in English can be used as an interjection! Ask your teacher for common words used as interjections.

Interjection Examples

Oh dear! It’s snowing again!

Congratulations! You have just won the bet!

I stubbed my toe again! Dang it!

Fiddlesticks! I can’t seem to make this thing work!

Hot dog! We are going to the beach this weekend!

Take a look at their new car! Wow!

Dear me! I have over-baked the pizza again!

No! I can’t believe they have just divorced!

My team just won the championship! Yes!

Yahoo! We are going to Disneyland!

Hey! How are you?

They have just bought another car! Really!

Well! I will make a decision tomorrow!

Nice! You have created another Picasso!

Look at the size of that dog! Holy cow!

Way to go! You just broke another dish!

That’s awesome! She has just graduated University!

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Visit What are Interjections? Grammar Review Audio Version and What are Interjections? Grammar Review PDF Version

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