Bill & Larisa Green
as they share “Life!”

American English
Radio Podcast

Join us every Friday when Bill and Larisa Green share life, love, family and more! Larisa is from Ukraine. Bill is from America. Have fun listening to these two recall memories from the past and thoughts for today!


Larisa English Radio is all about everyday English. Conversation, grammar, pronunciation! Helping you with spoken American English and how it is used. Billgreen54 ESL teacher hosts each and every episode. Often a guest or two will appear. We hope you enjoy every episode of Larisa English Radio!
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American English Grammar Review Podcast

Larisa English Club

Grammar review is all about studying English again. Do you remember what verbs do? What about nouns? Do you remember all of your pronouns? What is an interjection? Billgreen54 is an ESL teacher. He has taught over 15,000 hours of English. In this podcast, he shares English in an understandable way. Have fun learning English again!

coming soon!

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