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What are Indefinite Pronouns? Grammar Review

What are pronouns? Pronouns are words used to replace nouns and noun phrases. We use “Indefinite pronouns” to refer to people or things without being specific. We use the suffixes “..body or ..one” for people. We use “…thing” as a suffix or compound word to refer to things. The indefinite pronouns are “Anybody, anyone, anything, nobody, no one, nothing, everybody, everyone, everything.” An important rule! If followed by a verb, it is always singular! Indefinite pronouns can also be used for possession with an ‘s. There is a lot more to this subject. Ask your teacher for an explanation and examples!

Indefinite Pronoun Examples

Has anybody ever told you that you are very smart? (unlimited number)

If it had been anyone but you, I would have agreed! (I don’t agree with you)

I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday! (I did not eat food)

There was nobody at home yesterday! (no person at home)

No one I knew was at the party last night! (I did not recognize anyone)

They did nothing about that problem! (no action to solve a problem)

Everybody dislikes bad winter weather! (a general statement)

Is everyone here now? (we expected certain people)

People will purchase everything they offer! (will buy all that is made)

Anybody can prepare scrambled eggs! (unlimited number of people)

Anyone can see you are happy! (small group)

You don’t know anything about me! (information)

Nobody could have seen it coming! (no person could have predicted)

There was no one at home when I knocked! (no person answered the door)

Nothing I said made her change her mind! (no alternate decision)

I love making everybody happy at Christmas! (enjoy doing nice things)

Everyone enjoyed the meal! (people who ate the meal were pleased)

She means everything to her family! (they care without limit)

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Visit What are Indefinite Pronouns? Grammar Review Audio Version and What are Indefinite Pronouns? Grammar Review Video Version

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