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Adverbs “Ever and Never”

Episode #22 Billiebug Adverbs “Ever and Never”  Adverbs Ever Never Billiebug American English Grammar Lesson! from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Personality Adjectives

Epidose #21 Billiebug Personality Adjectives  Personality Adjectives Family American English with Billiebug! from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Superlative Adjectives

Episode #18 Billiebug Superlative Adjectives  Superlative Adjectives Family American English Video with Billiebug from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Comparative Adjectives

Episode #17 Billiebug Comparative Adjectives  Billiebug Comparative Adjectives American English Kid’s and Teen’s! from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Demonstrative Adjectives

Episode #16 Billiebug Demonstrative Adjectives  Billiebug Demonstrative Adjectives American English Family Video from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Possessive Adjectives

Episode #15 Billiebug Possessive Adjectives  Billiebug Possessive Adjectives American English Video! from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.


Billiebug Adjectives as Noun Modifiers

Episode #14 Billiebug Adjectives as Noun Modifiers  Adjectives as Noun Modifiers Billiebug Family American English from Billgreen54 on Vimeo.