100 American English Radio Podcasts

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100 MP3 American English Radio Podcasts!

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100 MP3 American English Lessons!

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Over 30 hours of English is contained in the English Radio Podcasts! Never before has an offer like this been possible. Bill and Larisa Green created this fantastic set of 100 MP3 audio recordings.

These English Podcasts are rich with American English grammar and pronunciation! Download all of these audio recordings on your favorite listening devices.

Listen while traveling, at work, while exercising, at home! Listen, study and learn “Multi Level English Grammar” and more with Billgreen54!

As a refresher for adults! Great for teachers and students!

Microlearning study resources are perfect for all levels of English as a supplement to all your study resources!

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This digital download includes:

100 MP3 Audio Larisa English Radio podcasts.

Program Topics included in this special offer are the following:

1 Reported Speech

2 Present Perfect

3 Adverbs During & While

4 To Go or Going?

5 Talking Business

6 Fiddlesticks

7 Bad Words

8 Question Words

9 Comparative Adjectives

10 Talking Tenses

11 Eight Parts of English

12 Twenty Adverbs

13 Adjectives Explained

14 Conjunctions Explained

15 Prepositions Explained

16 Verbs Explained

17 Tongue Twisters

18 Nouns Explained

19 Pronouns Explained

20 Interjections Explained

21 Passive Voice

22 Determiners Explained

23 Partitives Explained

24 Time Adverbs

25 First Meeting

26 Say Goodbye

27 Indirect Requests

28 Indirect Questions

29 Negative Questions

30 Question Tags

31 Job Interview

32 Job Vocabulary

33 Human Resources

34 Manager Types

35 Travel Adjectives

36 Project Vocabulary

37 Project Management

38 Time Management

39 Business Idioms

40 Travel Idioms

41 Modal Verbs Present

42 Modal Verbs Past

43 How Explained

44 Empty Verbs Explained

45 Modal Verbs Future

46 Present Simple Questions1

47 Present Simple Questions2

48 Present Simple Review

49 Present Continuous

50 Past Simple

51 Will or Going to

52 Linking Words

53 Past Simple and Continuous

54 Present Perfect

55 Present Perfect Continuous

56 Comparative Adjectives

57 So, Neither, Too Adverbs

58 Verb Patterns

59 Permission Obligation

60 Time Prepositions

61 Place Prepositions

62 Movement Prepositions

63 Relative Clauses

64 Indirect Questions

65 Used to Explained

66 Quantifiers Explained

67 Indefinite Pronouns

68 Subject Verb Agreement

69 First Conditional

70 Second Conditional

71 Should Could Would

72 Past Perfect

73 Passive Voice

74 Reported Speech

75 To Be Questions

76 To Do Questions

77 Perfect Have Questions

78 Short Forms

79 Homophones

80 Opposite Adjective Quiz

81 Future Perfect

82 Future Perfect Progressive

83 Past Perfect Progressive

84 Future Simple

85 Future Progressive

86 Twelve Tense Review

87 Tense Guide

88 Be & Feel Stative Verbs

89 Look & See Stative Verbs

90 Smell & Taste Stative Verbs

91 Articles A, An, The

92 100 Most Common Words

93 Could Have, Would Have

94 Should Have

95 Could, Would Explained

96 50 Common Phrases

97 Come & Go Explained

98 Say & Tell Verbs

99 WH Question Words

100 Position of Adverbs

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